3 All-Time Eco-Friendly Bathroom Inspirations

Our daily routine in our bathrooms contributes to saving or damaging the environment depending on the materials you use. Designing that room into an eco-friendly bathroom can help reduce the effects directed to damaging the environment. Take a look at these inspirations.

1. Using Bamboo Generated Materials

Using bamboo plywood, a material engineered from bamboo, you can create modern, stylish bathroom cabinets, vanities, and a bamboo textured rug. Ensure the manufacturer you’re sourcing from the bamboo plywood is conscious of a safe environment and uses formaldehyde-free binders.

2. Concrete Fixtures

The sinks, bathtubs, and vanities in the bathroom can be engineered from recycled coal fly ash and concrete. The key to making coal fly ash safe for you and the environment is to encapsulate it. This technology prevents coal fly ash, an insoluble compound, even when it comes into contact with water. The material is bound to remain in molecules and not to leach into the water. The mixture of concrete and coal fly ash creates a red pigmentation bathtub, vanity, and sinks. You can add other decorative that match these. 

3. Steel Bathtubs and Copper Sinks

The thought of using a steel bathtub feels cold. But think of how your bathroom will be going green. Moreover, you’ll be using warm water to take your baths as you have previously. Steel baths are made from recyclable raw materials. So even after the bath’s lifetime, you can use it in other areas.

Install copper sinks in place of acrylic. Interestingly, copper doesn’t change its luster, which makes it an ageless go-to material.